Shine on!

Sometimes we need reminders.

Jesus is the light.

Jesus told us let our light shine.

It's hard to remember that in a dark world.

Sometimes we need reminders.

When I'm in a good and joyful state of mind I leave clues and cues so that when I'm in a dark place, I've marked a path back to the light.

Sometimes these are simple: a card on your fridge, a picture on your desk, a covenant to pray whenever you see (fill in the blank).

I created three reminders for myself that I'd like to share with you.

One is a meditation. You can use all of it everyday or parts of it on a different timeline. You can download it by clicking here:

Shine on meditations

I've also created phone and desktop wallpaper to remind you to shine. Right click the photos below to download.

You were created to shine!

So Shine On!!



What are your thoughts?