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The Warm Blanket Theory

By skarafanda | Apr 19, 2021

Even Jesus took naps…

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By skarafanda | Apr 11, 2021

Disrupting with love and shaking up souls…

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Going Forward

By skarafanda | Mar 30, 2021

Where do we go from here? Forward or back?

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Change or die

By skarafanda | Mar 23, 2021

Change or die: an extreme calling and paradox This was the title of a colleague’s sermon. Seems extreme. But it’s true. Change is happening. If you don’t adjust to it in some way, life as you know it ceases to flourish.   But there’s another paradox that’s also true: die to change. Die to self in order to live a life of love and transformation. Seems extreme too but it seems the…

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By skarafanda | Mar 11, 2021

God is transcendent. Three years ago our church consecrated a new building. The Bishop and several cabinet members came to worship that day. It was a huge celebration. The Bishop spoke words that resonated with me during worship. Words I hope never to forget: “The irony of a new building is that you have to get out of it.“   Church buildings exist for gathering and deploying. They aren’t community centers. They…

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By skarafanda | Mar 9, 2021

Forgiveness is a process. We often think that we can flip a switch and forgive someone. But it’s not that easy. Sometimes it takes time and repetition. It takes digging down to the root of the issue and not just cutting off the top and hoping it doesn’t grow back.   This is the case for both the forgiver and the forgiven.    If I forgive you, I act differently towards you.…

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