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Tuesday Talks with Jason Stanley

By skarafanda | Jul 20, 2021

A conversation with Rev, Jason C.  Stanley about Holy Mischief. Jason is Ordained as a deacon in the Virginia Conference. Jason’s ministry has a foundation of connecting the needs of the community to the resources of the church. To hear more of Jason’s conversations or read his blog go to: #prayer #faith #Christianity #HolyMischief      

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Digital Movements

By skarafanda | Jul 13, 2021

Starting a Digital Movement I share the story behind #holymischief-a digital movement of spiritual disruption. In exploring this story, we see how we can utilize digital connections to empower others to share their stories, how we get people to engage with our digital entities, and how we connect people to one another. Check out more regarding #holymischief. #prayer #faith #Christianity #HolyMischief      

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The Heart of a Poet

By skarafanda | Mar 15, 2021

Poetry as Holy Mischief An interview with Miram Lo about her spiritual practice of writing poetry and her multi-cultural perspective of Christianity. Miriam Wei Wei Lo Insta: @miriamweiweilo web: #prayer #faith #Christianity #HolyMischief      

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Faith, christianity, social justice

Latinx: a conversation with Rev. Nelson Furtado

By skarafanda | Jan 31, 2021

Latinx A conversation about racial relations from a Latinx perspective. Nelson is a pastor at Griffin First United Methodist church​ He is originally from Brazil. His perspective of race relations in the U.S. is unique and enlightening. Watch to the end to hear him pray in Portuguese!      

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faith, prayer, spirituality

Ordinary Holy Mischief

By skarafanda | Nov 6, 2020

Holiness is all around us. An interview with Robin Hagen (author of and Shannon Karafanda ( When we look at the world on ordinary days, we can still see what is holy and beautiful in the world. Sometimes an act of holy mischief is just being aware of what’s around you. #faith #christianity #centeringprayer #spirituality #prayer #holymischief

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Faith, prayer, spirituality

Treasuring Notes

By skarafanda | Oct 22, 2020

Treasuring Notes. An interview with Dave Pipitone about his ministry of Treasuring Notes. On the lowest level, treasuring notes are short written expressions of admiration, encouragement and appreciation for your loved ones. And for yourself. On the highest level, treasuring notes are short, written acclamations of adoration, praise, and thanksgiving to God. Yes, you can actually write a note to God with words of adoration, praise and thanksgiving.

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