What’s not to love?

We love the dog. She’s always happy to see us. She doesn’t judge. She’s constant. Her capacity for grace seems unlimited. She gets us outside. She keeps our circadian rhythms…

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How We Experience God

faith, prayer, #HolyMischief

Experiencing God Sometimes I see God.   I see God in the sunrise. Or the sunset. I see God in others. When they are kind. When they are compassionate. When…

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Living like ghosts

faith, prayer, #holymischief

Remember when… Remember when we used to talk on the phone so long that our neck hurt? When we spent hours talking to our best friend or crush? When we…

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Can we talk about it?

Faith and storytelling

Can we talk about it? We should talk about it. We probably haven’t talked about it before. We probably thought it was taboo. We don’t talk about things like that.…

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