My prayer for the world...until everyone hears.

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Things to Remember

By skarafanda | Jun 7, 2023

Cause I’m gonna forget… I wrote these words in my journal last month. I was flipping back through and they caught my eye. It seems I had already forgotten. May we always be aware of these nuggets of wisdom (and all the others we’ve forgotten over the years).   Jesus’ plan for salvation does not depend on me being perfect. People need authentic experiences. The “show” isn’t worship and worship isn’t a…

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faith, prayer, #holymischief

Getting Ready

By skarafanda | May 17, 2023

Getting ready We can never be fully ready. If we were then we aren’t challenging ourselves. Anxiety comes when we don’t know how to get ready. Therefore we need to be in a state of readiness. A state that allows us to face whatever comes our way.   Practically there are three ways to do this Focus on health: fuel and strengthen your body; put good stuff in and do the things…

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Faith, prayer, #HolyMischief

A Hopeful Spring

By skarafanda | May 2, 2023

Spring and Hope In many parts of America we have a concept known as “False Spring.” This happens when it is technically still winter yet the sun is out, the temps are warm, and things start to bloom just a bit earlier than normal.   But is it really false?  Is a “warm February day” more accurate? Or is it the fact that we get our hopes up what makes it false?…

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All the things to do.

By skarafanda | Apr 26, 2023

All the things to do We always have a lot to do We could always be busy Stillness is a practice A discipline   Finishing your to-do list won’t give you peace It will just exhaust you   Resting and stillness are similar but don’t confuse them as the same thing. We need to attend to both at different times. And it’s an example the world needs to see.   Until Everyone…

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Loving one another to Christ

Loving one another to Christ

By skarafanda | Apr 23, 2023

In case you missed it.. It was announced in worship on April 16, 2023, that after six wonderful years serving at Peachtree City United Methodist Church, it’s time for me to move on to a new adventure. A few months ago, I began the process of transferring my ordination orders from deacon to elder. In July I will start in a new role as lead pastor at Trinity at The Well in…

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Lead(H)er Talks: Episode 7

By skarafanda | Apr 16, 2023

Lead(H)er Talks is a leadership podcast hosted by Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie and Rev Dr Shannon E Karafanda for women in leadership positions. It provides inspiring content and resources to equip passionate leaders with necessary tools for their growth. Each episode curates things we wish we knew with topics ranging from professional development and team building to stress management and creative problem solving. This podcast will give you the insights, motivation, and guidance…

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