Spiritual Herd Immunity

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Herd immunity works until evolutionary pressure causes enough of a variant. 


In 1950 over 90% of the U.S. identified as Christian. Today only 65% do so.


Was the witness of Christians in 1950 that ineffective? Or did a variant cause this decline? 


Researchers have been studying this for awhile now with no definitive data.


But does it matter? Does it matter the cause of the decline if we know the solution? Or is it even a problem to be solved?


While it isn’t the only solution, it does seem a good time to return to attending to the means of grace. These are the disciplines that train us to have strength when we need it. These include prayer, scripture reading, worship, serving, giving... These are the activities that bring us closer to God. These are the activities that help us love our neighbor. This is the method of our faith. A faith lived out to protect us from the “wrath to come” - in whatever ways that is presented.


Attend to the means of grace. It may or may not help our communities with spiritual herd immunity but it will help you and God willing - others will notice.



Until Everyone Hears,




What are your thoughts?