Just Write

Having faith is one thing. Being faithful is another. You might say that you don’t really “have” faith unless you can “be” faithful and you’d probably be right. I’ve had faith for a long time. Longer than I can really remember. My faith in God has certainly developed and changed over the years but its been there for quite some time. But have I been faithful? Have I actively done things so that someone can see my faith? Not always.

This summer I was at my friend’s lake house. I’ve been to visit a few times and each time have heard from God clearly. This past time the message was “write.” No more instruction than that. 
For the past several years I’ve had a guiding word for the year that keeps me focused. My past words have been “abundance, growth, presence, and travail.” That last one was hard. My words had gone from passive to active with that one word. And travail wasn’t an easy word to experience for a full year. But last year I travailed and was transformed by it.
At the end of 2019 I kept waiting on my word. I thought my word needed to be something spiritual sounding. If God had me travail last year, surely He wanted me to pray, meditate, worship etc this year. 
He kept re-enforcing…write. 
So I’m writing. And while I don’t think that I always have something profound to say, God does. While I don’t think that my experiences are always worth writing down, my experiences with God are. 
In 2020 I’m going to write. I’ll write about being faithful. Some stories will be mine. Some will be the faithfulness of others. I know that God will be in many encounters of Holy Mischief this year and I feel called to catalog as many as possible. I don’t know if my writing will change the world but I do know it will change me. If you’re reading, I hope it will change you too.
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?