But what if ….

Procrastinating on fulfilling your purpose:

What is my purpose

Yesterday I wrote about the call to write. Its now 2:22 in the afternoon and my time of “writing” started at 7:30 am. This is what’s been going through my head. That. Entire. Time.

But what if….

  • I need a nap and am neglecting my sabbath?
  • My kid gets up and I need to take her somewhere?
  • I need to go to the store?
  • I need to spend more time on my sermon?
  • ……..Bible study?
  • ……..Workout?
  • ……..social media following?
  • ……..social media reading?
  • ……..house cleaning?
  • ……..relationships?
  • my dog needs a walk?
  • I need a walk?
  • my denomination implodes?
  • it doesn’t?
  • something happens?
  • something doesn’t happen?
  • rinse.
  • repeat.
We all have “but what ifs” in our life. But the biggest “what if” we face when trying to avoid something we know we’re called to do is “what if I’m not faithful to what God has called me to do?”
I pray that your “what ifs” don’t consume your thoughts. That you are able to sit down or stand up or march on to what God has called you to do. It takes courage. It takes bravado. And no one can do it but you.
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?