For a long time I’ve rebuked the idea of atheism. Everybody believes in something. They may be agnostic about God but they believe in love. Or they may definitively denounce God but believe in humanity or human greed.

But it wasn’t until recently that I noticed how much people actually worship other gods. If you look at someone’s calendar and bank statement, you can see what they believe in. Hard work? Family? Social causes? Education? Escape from reality (either through safe or harmful places on the internet or other means)?

That last one hits home. I spend way too much time on the realm of social media. And when I feel like I’m doing better, I’m usually spending an unbalanced amount of time at work.

I love God. I love my understanding of God’s grace. I love that my understanding is limited because God is bigger than I can imagine.

But I don’t love Him completely. I miss the mark. Often. When I realize that, it stings for a bit. But it also brings me closer to Him. The process of sanctification isn’t easy. But it worth it.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?