A Prayer for the Church

I had a dream last night that I was teaching at the church. Like most dreams, the setting was very different from reality. I was in some sort of old house. A house that was old but familiar. It creaked. It had an old smell. It didn’t do any of the things modern houses do but it still felt like home. Just not a home I wanted to live in.

While people came in and out of the home, I would tell them about God. They would be amazed and share what I taught with their friends, but then they’d leave and not come back.

One day we were building something new onto the house. I think it was something for children because they were very excited about it. When the dirt was unearthed it stirred up all sorts of trouble. Snakes and insects appeared and didn’t know where to go. Some people killed them. Others took them in as pets and tried to scare other people with them. It worked with me. I was scared.

I woke up ready to be out of my dream. But realizing it was Sunday and I had to go to church to lead worship, I felt differently. I immediately felt guilty and told God how much I love Him. But the dream remains in my head. It haunts me.

God – may we have the courage to do new things and the wisdom to deal with what that unearths.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?