You stole my hashtag!

I got a text this week from a friend. He was concerned because someone “stole” my hashtag/catch phrase, “Holy Mischief,” for his blog post. My friend wondered if I had missed the boat on filing a trademark.

I read the article (you can read it here) and instead of being disappointed I was filled with joy in his use of the term. The author, Dave Barnhart, used the term regarding examples of social justice. Taking a stand for what you believe in certainly qualifies as an act of Holy Mischief.

But so does anything that gets you out of your comfort zone because of your beliefs. I once told an employee that his act of Holy Mischief was to make sure he smiled at 3 people that day. He didn’t smile much. After his day of Holy Mischief he started smiling more. He seemed more joyful. He now smiles when he sees me. He no longer keeps his joy in the love of God to himself.

Holy Mischief comes in many forms. It can be as simple as smiling or as big as getting arrested for your cause. What seems little to me, might be huge for someone else. Perspective matters. So does stretching your perspective.

I’ve now made it my mission to challenge others to Holy Mischief. I’m purposefully meeting with others and handing them a challenge (and asking them to give me one). The challenges consist of acts of kindness, meeting with local government officials, speaking up in a meeting, reading a book of the Bible you haven’t read yet and writing about it, etc…

My prayer is that all of these moments of Holy Mischief become a movement. One that continues to transform the world. If you’d like a challenge let me know. I’m always happy to be a co-conspirator to Holy Mischief.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?