I visited one of our Sunday School teachers last week. He teaches our class with the most life wisdom. His first wife passed away several years ago and he went through a painful second marriage. He kept praying for God to grant him whatever he needed to make that second marriage work. When the he finally divorced, he wasn’t sure he could go through dating and marriage another time. But then he met his current wife, and as he says, “God sent him a miracle.”

I’m not sure that I ever thought of people being miracles but I guess its true. There have been people in my life who have kept me sane (ish). Kept me laughing. Kept me seeking God. I truly believe that people can be the “hands and feet of Jesus.” And if they are, surely they are miracles.

He left me with these parting words, “If you look for miracles you’ll find they are quite rare. But if you look for God you’ll find miracles in abundance.”

I believe he’s right.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?