Being Under the Radar

I live fairly close to the Atlanta Airport and therefore have many people in my town that work in the airline industry. I once ate breakfast with an air traffic controller who was able to track the tooth fairy for his daughter on the radar at work. 

We often use the term “flying under the radar” to refer to doing something but not wanting to get noticed for it. The expression could be used by someone with great humility or about someone getting into not so holy mischief. Or for introverts who don’t want attention.

I was recently asked if I would lead in a situation that has caused a lot of tension, harm, and polarization in my denomination. While I eventually said I’d be willing I was anxious to be so open about my viewpoints and beliefs regarding this given that I’ve got great friends and co-workers who disagree with me on this. I got angry at God and asked the question that is futile to ask – “Why?”.  I asked God why does this has to be so divisive? Why can’t I just stay under the radar and do ministry?

I got an answer. It didn’t fully answered the question but it shut me up. At least for a bit. God’s reply was this, “Shannon, doing ministry is NEVER under the radar. The work I’ve called you to do will always cause you to be seen by others.”

So here I am. On the radar. I may not be perfectly on course but I’m asking for direction. I’m listening. And I pray that I can always obey the One who guides me.

Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

What are your thoughts?