My daughter got a splinter yesterday. Usually splinters are boring but irritating. She got a splinter doing aerial yoga. Far from boring (and I’m slightly confused since she should’ve been in the air). This one was very painful. It was bigger than normal and did a bit of bruising on the bottom of her foot. This morning she woke up and was still favoring the other foot and insisting she use crutches. I sympathized but I also knew at this point most of her pain was mental.

I recently received a spiritual splinter (or maybe I was the spiritual splinter). It was painful. Still is. I’ve been praying for courage and strength but all I can feel is the memory of the hurt. Memories are often more painful than external physical pain. I asked a friend to pray for me and she told me this: “You already have within you the courage and strength needed for the journey because you heard the call of God and said, Here I am, Lord, I have heard your people cry.”

Sometimes I forget that others hurt more than I do. And even if they hurt because of a memory, it doesn’t make it any less real. As I try my best to focus on compassion to others who cry, I know that God will be healing my splinters.

Until Everyone Hears,

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