The hats that tell a story

A few days ago I had BLTs with some amazing people (they were amazing before the BLTs but the BLTs really solidified their amazingness). While I was there I learned more about their past, their family, and their relationship with God.

It was truly an honor to be invited into their home and into their story. Stories are powerful. They show us the events that help shape a persons thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

Once lunch and story time was over, they did a bit of show and tell. I was invited into other rooms of their house to see some treasured items. I saw family pictures, retirement gifts, and appreciation presents. But what I found most fascinating were the hats. They had a few different hats displayed that told a story without any words. And for just a moment, I was transported to the past and saw these two beautiful people before they were molded by the hats they wore.

I don’t wear many literal hats but I wonder what metaphorical hats someone will see years from now that will show the world who I was. Whatever the object, I hope it is one that shows my heart. Not for what it is but for what God is shaping it into.

May our hats always tell a story worthy of the good news of Jesus.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?