Olives: A Pressing Matter

From Holy Land

I knew that olives were a Mediterranean staple but didn’t really know too much about them until my recent trip. Olives cannot be used or eaten after picking. They are too bitter and must be pickled or treated somehow. If they aren’t used for food, then they used an olive press as shown above. There would be different pressings for different things. The Virgin Oil would usually be first, then Extra Virgin, then the paste of the remains would be used for lamp oil or soap.

Its hard to believe that they would go to so much trouble so long ago for a fruit that you can’t eat off the tree. This is why the olive oil was such a valuable commodity used for anointing kings. It is also why the oil lasting for 8 days at Hanukkah was such a miracle.

There were many olive trees along the country side of Israel. They were beautiful. It kind of reminded me of the pecan groves in South Georgia.

From Holy Land

I wonder what in my life today is worth the trouble that is put into getting olive oil. Is there anything in my life worth that much time and work? I can think of a few things. Even though there’s nothing I can grow in my back yard, my family is worth the effort. My calling is worth the time. I’m blessed to have seen the fruit of my labor in those areas and I know that even though it can be heavy and pressing work – I’d do it again in a second.

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