The Jordan River

From Holy Land

Ah the beautiful Jordan River! Well… not so much. As soon as we walked down to the river and I put a toe in, I was ready to leave. It kind of reminded me of the creek in between my childhood house and my cousins’ apartment complex. Except probably dirtier and noisier. The Chattahoochee is 100 times prettier and cleaner.

It was a bit of an instant let down. I couldn’t believe that there were people just a bit upstream immersing themselves in this water.

As was the custom on the trip, we stopped to read scripture and the Bishop said a few words. This time instead of giving a short devotional, He began the liturgy of the Baptismal Renewal. We were encouraged to remember our Baptism and be thankful. We went in pairs down to the water and made the sign of the cross on a friend’s forehead as we asked them to remember.

During the service we recited the Apostle’s creed together and I had an unexpected Holy Moment. One of those where my heart was strangely warmed. I suddenly realized that because of Jesus and John getting wet so long ago in this very river, we were professing a faith through a Baptismal creed that so many others share in. I know that the Apostle’s Creed was not recited at Jesus’ Baptism, but I felt like the millions who recited it at other Baptisms to follow, including mine, were united to Jesus and me in that one moment.


Suddenly the Jordan River didn’t seem like such a horrible place. We’d made a memory there. A very special memory that I’ll cherish for a long time.

Until Everyone Hears,

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