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From Holy Land

A tallit (Hebrew: טַלִּית‎‎) is a Jewish prayer shawl worn for morning prayer. There is no specific commandment that one be worn but it is discussed in a few verses that one is to use the fringes of one’s outer covering as a means to concentrate on prayer.

While I was at the gift shop on one of our tours, I was approached by a sales woman who showed me how to use a prayer shawl. Although it looks kind of odd, it was comforting to do something physically in preparation for prayer. My prayer life is usually free-form talking to God or a list making form of prayer. This practice helped me to realize that prayer isn’t just about our words. Its about our actions as well. We need to listen and respond to prayer just as much as we need to utter the words.

She almost sold me on the shawl. At times I kind of wish I had one, just to mix up my prayer life a bit. Of course I bought a Shofar at that same store and have yet to blow it each morning.

When I was ill last year the women at the church I grew up in made me a prayer shawl of a different form. They gave me a circular afghan that they prayed over in order for me to heal. I never really thought about using it other than as a reminder that I was prayed for. But now that I’m home from my trip and lamenting my missed purchase, I think I’ll start using it as a prayer shawl.

Who knows? Perhaps the knots and edges of this garment, will help in the healing of someone else.

Until Everyone Hears,

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  1. Brent White on May 15, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Oh yes… The regret of missed purchase opportunities in the Holy Land. I have a similar experience. If only I had more money!

    Have you thought about prayer beads? I've been using Anglican prayer beads (or an Anglican rosary) for a couple of years and it has aided my prayer life. I bought mine from an Episcopal hermitage (who knew there was such a thing?) in Texas. Anyway, the point is that it helps to focus your prayer life. By the time you finish "praying it," you're in a good place of prayer. Anyway, I recommend it.

    God's blessings.

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