#HolyMischief Challenge: Smile!

Smile, #HolyMischief

Your challenge: smile more! Smiling is one of the best and most powerful gestures we can make. It has a profound effect on both the person who smiles and to those who witness it. Smiling can help us feel better, reduce stress, boost our immune system, and even lower blood pressure. It’s also contagious, so when one person smiles it often elicits other people to smile as well! Smiling gives off an inviting energy that can make social interactions go more smoothly and make others feel more comfortable in our presence. In addition, smiling helps us look approachable and more attractive to those around us.

So smile! Because you never know how God will show up in some #HolyMischief!

Discover the #HolyMischief fun: a movement inspiring acts of kindness based in God's love.

It seems that the more kindness we show towards others, the more connected we feel towards them. So when we get stuck in cycles of negativity, or feeling like the world is against us, or feeling like everyone around us is getting on our last nerve, we're well served by serving somebody else through an act of kindness.




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