What the Christmas story can teach us about God’s love

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God's love is with us

The Christmas story is one of the most beloved stories in the Bible. It tells the story of how God sent His Son to earth to be born as a man, and how He loved us so much that He was willing to sacrifice His own Son for our sins. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let's take a closer look at this story and learn more about God's love for us.

One of the most interesting things about the Christmas story is how God chose to send His Son to earth. From a human perspective, it might seem like God could have chosen any number of ways to communicate with humankind – He could have appeared in a bright, shining light or spoken from heaven, for example. Instead, He chose to come to us in a way that we can all relate to and understand: through being born as one of us and being fully human.

Why did God do this? Because He wanted us to be able to see His love clearly. God knows that if He had revealed Himself without first taking on human form, our finite minds wouldn't be able to fully comprehend Him—we simply wouldn't be able to understand all that He is. But by choosing to come to us as a human, God gave us the opportunity to see His love firsthand and in a way that we could relate to, so that we could truly understand it. And this is one of the most important things we can learn from the Christmas story: God's love is real, and it knows no limits.

What else can we learn about God's love from this story? We can learn that God wants what is best for each of us—even when our understanding may not be great enough yet for Him to do what He knows would ultimately be best for us. Because Jesus was born as a baby rather than appearing fully grown and powerful on earth, many people were confused or skeptical at first about who He was. But God knew that asking us to believe in Him at first sight would be too much for us, so He took the time to teach and guide us, even when we were stubborn or resistant.

Ultimately, God's love is a gift that He offers freely—no matter what we have done or how far we've strayed from Him. This is something else we can learn from the Christmas story: no matter what our circumstances are, no matter how broken or sinful we might feel inside, God loves us and wants us back home with Him. All we need to do is accept His love by believing in Jesus Christ as our Savior and letting Him heal our hearts of sin. And once this happens, there's nothing holding us back from living the life that God intended for us—a life full of hope, love, and joy.

So as we celebrate Christmas this year, may we open our hearts fully to God's love and let it fill our lives with peace and joy. Because no matter what has happened or what might happen in the future, Jesus always offers us a way back home to an eternity spent in His love. And that is truly something worth celebrating! Amen.

Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

John 3:16

For God so LOVED the world...

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