Stop doing this.

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Stop blaming; start being.


Being isn’t easy despite how it sounds.
To be - just to be… is hard work
It’s much easier to blame others
To point out road blocks instead of inding a way around them


Sometimes there is an injustice done to you
-there is someone to blame
And they should be held accountable
But it shouldn’t stop us from being who we are called and created to be


Keep moving forward
Be who God calls you to be
People will get in your way
Find a way around them that keeps you on the high road…

the way filled with grace, love, peace, and joy.


So that when people look at you they  say, “I want to BE like her.”
And when they do…
Encourage them to be themselves to the fullest

Stop blaming; start being.



P.S. - If you haven't discerned your calling, I'm happy to meet with you to help you through the discernment process.

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  1. Faye Thompson on September 26, 2022 at 11:12 am

    Thank you. Love you, Faye

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