2022: A Holy Year

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Ordinary Holy and #HolyMischief

Who says life isn’t exciting?


I have a friend, Robin, who lives in Northernfaith, prayer, ordinary holy California. She was ready for an ordinary Christmas celebrating each moment with her kids doing the usual stuff…shopping, eating out, running errands. But then a winter storm moved in and completely changed her plans.


She and several thousand others went days without power. Yet she learned the art of using a generator and powered through (pun intended).


faith, prayer, #holymischiefMy family went on a post Christmas camping trip to the North Georgia mountains. It was beautiful! The first day the weather was perfect…71 degrees. The views were fantastic and the campfire food was delightful. We brought our dog with us and she was in heaven. 


The second night was a different story. Rain came though. Thunderstorms. Tornado watches. The good news is we now know that ⅔ of our tents have leaks. Unfortunately this is not fun to discover in the middle of the night. So we packed up early and drove home. 


We could’ve gone somewhere else.

We could’ve only stayed one night.

We could’ve waited out the storm a bit longer.

We could’ve done an infinite number of things.


But we didn’t.


We powered through.

Made decisions.




Here’s one of the things in life that Robin has taught me: every moment in a holy moment. No matter what decision. God is always with us and God is always shaping me back into God’s image. 


You might think that life is lived between holy moments. That you experience God when you “do holy things.” But the reality is that everything is holy. Because even though everything doesn’t go “right” everything can be transformational. 


If we’ve learned anything from the past two years of the Pandemic it is that things aren’t always going to go “right.” I know that 2022 won’t be perfect but I do know that it will be transformational. I know God will be with me in pitching my tent, tearing it down, walking on a hike, driving home, as well as when I sing praise to God, receive holy communion, and read my Bible. 


God is in the ordinary.


And that is certainly worth celebrating.


If you want to hear more about Robin's story, you can check out her blog here: https://www.ordinaryholy.com/power/#more-1973


Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K


P.S. - You are loved.


1 John  4:19 - New Revised Standard Version

We love because he first loved us.





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