A Prayer for Today

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A prayer for today


Holy and awesome God,


We know you are present everywhere but in ways we don’t always see. 

Sometimes you are in the whisper of the wind.

Sometimes you are in the rush of the wind.

Sometimes you’re in the burning bush.

Sometimes you’re in the boat calling us to the water.


Today we seek you right here where we are. We are thankful to be here. Many of us have experienced you here before. It’s not the only place we’ve experience you but it is certainly special to be able to experience you in the moment.


God we ask that you open our eyes to see you not only here today but in many other ways as we head out into our day. And once we see you God empower us to be your hands and feet and let others know they are truly loved.


Be with the victims of the Pandemic. Heal and comfort those who are still fighting and those who grieve their losses. Remind us years from now that the pain of this past year won’t quickly go away for some and neither will the call to reach out to one another.


Finally God let us continue to seek justice and resist evil. When we see another person not allowed to live into the fullness of life you have created for all of us, nudge us or push us or scream at us to do something. No matter if they are denied food or education or dignity...let’s find a way to make it right.


Until Everyone Hears,





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