Transitions, faith, prayer

It’s where we grow stronger ...


I wish God would answer all my prayers with immediate affirmative responses. But He doesn't.

I’ve started doing yoga again. I love the practice because it builds strength in ways that seem counter intuitive. I don’t lift large things. I don’t run fast. Instead I go through a series of poses that utilize different muscles along the way.


Today as I was in a 30 minute class the teacher said, “Work on the transitions. It’s the transitions that build balance and strength as much as holding the pose once you get there.” Transitions are important. And we are in them all the time.


In yoga, transitions often mean that I’m wobbly and fall. That’s where the magic happens. Once I fall, I know where another limit it. I know how far I can shift in order to stay balanced or at least the appearance of balance.


Balance you see isn’t a permanent state. It is a continuous shifting toward a spot but never staying static only seeming to do so. When I get into a pose I’m constantly adjusting. Shifting my weight across my hands and feet. Throughout my shoulders and hips. 


Transitions matter. They show us how to get to where we are going even if we’ve never been there before. Transitions are when we fall and pick ourselves back up. They aren’t always comfortable. Or graceful. But you can’t get to the next spot without them. And if we stay in one spot, we don’t work our entire body.


Our faith is often in transition. That’s how it grows. That’s how we deepen our relationship with God. Sometimes we fall but we pick ourselves back up and come to a pose we are used to and try the transition again. Sometimes the hardest transitions are ones that don’t seem hard on the surface but cause us to dig deep in order to gain strength.


May every transition you make today bring you closer to the one who is transforming you.


Until Everyone Hears,







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