Random Dancing

My kids are part of the iCarly generation (well my boys are and my daughter has been raised right). A great show for kids that adults find funny as well.

Every so often while Carly and Sam were streaming their web show, they would break out in “random dancing.” I always wished I could have a sound device like Sam so that I could have an applause sound effect or random dancing at will.

To be honest I don’t really need a “random dancing” button. I tend to do that on a daily basis anyway. Dancing is Biblical. Its a celebration of life that can’t be expressed in words.

If we are to live life as a celebration of abundant life, if we should be praying without ceasing, I’d expect more believers to break out into random dancing regularly.

Dance today like no one is watching except God. And may your day be filled with other random celebrations.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?