Did you make any resolutions this year? This time of year is great for self improvement but what if you did something even bigger? What if your resolution could change not only you but also change the world? This may feel a bit too big of a goal but the following 5 steps might help you get there.

Step One: Realize changing the world and yourself are God sized goals. Let’s face it, we don’t change the world. God does. Once we realize and accept this, our task is to see where God is working and join Him in fulfilling His mission.

Step Two: To know where God is working, you have to know God. God reveals Himself through His Word. Daily personal Bible reading and weekly Bible study with others will transform how you live and allow you to view the world through God’s eyes.

Step Three: Knowing God inspires us to serve others with compassion. Serving others can be as simple as offering a welcome smile as a greeter or usher in your church. Or you might be interested to work with an international mission partner.

Step Four: Together Everyone Achieves More! We are a team. You are not in this world alone. Look around – everyone is different but God’s love connects us and we honor God and His Word when we work together.

Step Five: Have faith. Once you do… then what? In our Wesleyan tradition we talk about going onto perfection. Perfection is doing what is difficult to achieve what is right. Sometimes we will fail but we don’t need to let our fear of failure hold us back.

Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

What are your thoughts?