Abundant Life in the Bubble

Many members of my congregation follows the Facebook page “Life in the PTC Bubble.” The page was created so that residents (and those nearby) could find out information about our wonderful city and events happening close to us. The page currently has over 26,000 followers. The administrators of the page have listed rules for posting, the biggest of which is (please note it is in all caps): “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY IT ON THIS PAGE.” It goes on to list things that you cannot post to the page ranging from rants or vents to selling personal or commercial products.

The name of the page refers to the notion that we like our planned community (carts paths, good schools, and codes of ordinances etc) because it creates a quality of life that is different from other cities. This bubble that we have created is something we have worked hard for and attracts many new residents each year.

But is life in the PTC Bubble abundant? What happens when we live in the Bubble but our personal or family situations don’t live up to the standards of the image of the Bubble? How do we handle shame, vulnerability, and loss in an area that is supposed to be different from other places? Where can we go when we need to rant, vent, or say something negative – not about others but about ourselves?

The good news is that the grace of God is enough to cover all of our weaknesses. No matter what you are feeling, what you are fearful of, or what you are going through there’s abundant life for everyone.. not just in the Bubble.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?