Forwarded to me from our Senior Pastor.  It resonated with me today and it was too good not to share.

The Authentic Leaders Creed

I believe leadership begins on the inside of my life and moves out.

I determine to take no shortcuts in my service to God & others.

I commit to lead a disciplined life of quiet dependence upon God.

I will courageously face the truth about myself and, by the grace of God, intercept any potential fatal flaws that might destroy my integrity & ministry.

I pledge to be led by God before I attempt to lead others.

I commit to avoid the shallowness of conformity, choosing rather to minister from the unique & sacred trust given to me by God.

I will face the transitions of my life with the grace & wisdom that God grants.

I will accept the pain that life brings my way and allow it to make me a more understanding and able servant.

I will pursue honest relationships with the people I lead.

I will be safe and gentle in my dealings with those I lead.

I will infuse life into people through the power of affirmation.

I will wisely choose to invest in a few.

I will endure and finish well, relying upon the staying power of the Holy Spirit.

What are your thoughts?