3rd Annual Ode to Dr. Suess (from Dr. K)

Another Ode to Dr. Suess

On the 2nd of March near the Jungle of School
We reflect on a man who rhymed as a rule.
His grammar was sketchy, and his villains most unpleasant
But his themes were a joy to unwrap like a present.

“A person’s a person” the great Doctor once said
And with that he put Horton’s kangaroo to bed.
Freedom! Creativity! Reading! and more!
Congratulations! Christmastime! and Laughter galore!

As a child I would read with great enthusiasm
Of red fish and Lorax and Mac’s burp causing spasms.
But now as a grown-up I’m likely to find
That the books of my past are not far behind.

I’m still learning how to accept others that are different
And keeping the meaning of Christmastime reverent.
I know that those pants are scared of me too
And not because I’d wear them if I owned the Zoo.

There are times when the hang-ups of life can get to me
And I fret that in The Waiting Place forever I’ll be
But then on I will hike with great care and great tact
Because I’ve learned that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.

So to you, Dr. Suess I declare inspiration
For helping to fuel my creative reputation
And for giving me something beautiful to see
And giving us something to share with Thing 1, 2, and three.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?