Pastor’s 24

A creative pastor from somewhere in the cyber world decided to let everyone know last Wednesday exactly what a pastor does in a 24 hour period. He challenged fellow pastors to join him in Twittering every hour that day (for 24 hours if possible). We were supposed to tweet something that we did that was relating to our job. I joined in with the project and learned a few things along the way.

1) I still do a lot when I work from home. I’m slowly trying to get back into the swing of working while I recover from surgery. I think I could probably fill up all my work hours from home and still not get everything done.

2) Even though I had a lot to do, I still miss seeing people. One person came down to visit me that day and it was great to catch up with her, but there are still so many people I haven’t seen and want to talk to. It’s definitely not a cube job.

3) My job has no clearly defined boundaries. I had one person call to check on me and I ended up listening to her problems and giving her spiritual advice. The UPS guy delivered something and asked me to add his family to the prayer list. Of course I set boundaries for myself in order to protect my sanity (ie I don’t answer the phone during dinner. I carve out family time, GNO, and date nights into the calendar) but things that seem like a friendly conversation to some might seem like they are work to me.

But I know there are still some of you out there that wonder what we do. We really don’t work only on Sundays and we do more than prepare sermons (or in my case write curriculum). Most of what I do involves planning events, equipping others to teach, and helping parents be better spiritual role models for their kids. Did I do that on this particular day? I’m not sure. But I gave it my all and at the end of the day felt that I had fulfilled my calling.

Until Everyone Hears,

(Those that participated in the 24 Tweet-off)

What are your thoughts?