My Spiritual Makeover

A lot of people have asked me to expand on my new spiritual outlook on life having been ill and finding out later how close to death I was. I’d like to share some dramatic experience with you and offer advice on how you too can know this wonderful peace I have, but in reality I’m not really in a new spiritual place but rather my spiritual place just got a makeover.

I still hold the same basic beliefs and my day to day activities are roughly the same. I didn’t find any answers to big questions and I’m not the poster child for the example of a great physical life. Rather I’ve just been able to enjoy the smaller things more.

When I started my first job after college, the company I worked for gave me a book called “Don’t sweat the small stuff (and its all small stuff)”. Its a great, quick read and has a lot of insight. I think that now that I’m on the mend, I could write, “God bless the small stuff (and therefore bless it all).” As the book is written in twitter verse style, I’ll put down my first few entries here. Feel free to add to them.

1) Don’t turn down help from others. Its a great way to build a relationship and a reminder that when you can, you need to help others in return.
2) God is in the gentle breeze, the loud thunderstorm, the hot sun, the cloudy day. All you have to do is look.
3) Hugs are more precious than what you can get at Target.
4) Laughter really does heal.
5) If you’ve got tubes in your nose or arm or other places and someone still comes to visit you, who cares? Be grateful they came.
6) Be glad your wardrobe consists of more than just hospital gowns.
7) Cards, emails, txts, calls – all do more to lift spirits than you think they do.
8) Be grateful for any ability you have to move your body.
9) Our bodies are designed for living and healing.
10) Declutter – it makes things simpler all the way around.

I hope you find blessings in the small stuff today.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?