Things to Remember

faith, prayer, #HolyMischief

Cause I'm gonna forget...

I wrote these words in my journal last month. I was flipping back through and they caught my eye. It seems I had already forgotten. May we always be aware of these nuggets of wisdom (and all the others we've forgotten over the years).


Jesus’ plan for salvation does not depend on me being perfect.
People need authentic experiences.
The “show” isn’t worship and worship isn't a "show."
Parts of liturgy have always felt forced. But that doesn't diminish their importance.
You are enough.
You don’t suck.
You are a beloved child of God.
Be a goldfish
You are loved beyond measure.
It’s gonna be alright.
Humility sucks doesn’t it?
Yet it is what we are called to be. So accept it.


Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you." - James 4:10

What are your thoughts?