When Everything Fits Into Place

possibilities, #HolyMischief

Sometimes everything just fits into place.


The tension you feel relaxes for just a moment.
The problem you’ve been working on presents a solution.
The goal you’ve been aiming for has been hit.
The conflict in your life seems to fall away.


Those are the moments when you can be still and know God is present.
Those are the moments for praise and thanksgiving.
Those are the moments of the kingdom on earth.


They aren’t sustainable…yet.

More tension will come.
More problems will present themselves.
More goals will be set.
More conflict will happen.


Until that day when the kingdom is realized.

Until then…

Take a deep breath
Savor the moment
Remember the feeling now, so that you can know that whatever may come next…these moments are possible with the help of God.


Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” - Mathew 19:26

What are your thoughts?