Podcast: Lead(H)er Talks

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I hope you’ll give this a listen and share with your friends. It’s our first episode so please be gracious! We are thrilled to be able to share this project with you.

Lead(H)er Talks is a leadership podcast hosted by Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie and Rev Dr Shannon E Karafanda for women in leadership positions. It provides inspiring content and resources to equip passionate leaders with necessary tools for their growth. Each episode curates things we wish we knew with topics ranging from professional development and team building to stress management and creative problem solving. This podcast will give you the insights, motivation, and guidance needed to take your leadership skills to the next level.

On this episode of Lead(H)er Talks, Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie and Reverend Dr. Shannon Karafanda introduce the show and discuss the unique challenges that women in leadership face today. They will dive deep into topics like gender equality, balancing work and life, navigating double standards, and more. Take a listen and gain the insight, courage, and strength needed to reach new heights!

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