Aim for Christian Perfection

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Don't miss the mark

I can’t handle as much sugar as I used to.
That doesn’t mean I don’t want it.
I want it in excessive quantities.
But I can’t consume large quantities at once.
I should've never done it in the past.
And even the little quantities make me jittery and crash hard later on.


Such is the way with things that aren’t life giving for us.
A certain quantity can be enjoyable but it never adds life.
And at some point even the fleeting joy is no longer enjoyable knowing what is the more excellent way.


Such is the way with sin.
It can be very confusing.
Because sometimes sin doesn’t harm others and it brings us some amount of positive feelings.
But missing the mark repeatedly leads to frustration and a life apart from God.
When we realize that something causes us to not be in the full presence of God, we seek the more excellent way.
We aim higher.
And we keep aiming differently until we hit the mark repeatedly.
So that we can enjoy the presence of God in this life.


As with most metaphors, this one breaks down. But there is a thread of truth to it. Aim for Christian Perfection: to be made perfect in the love of God and all the things God calls you to do and be will present themselves.

Dr. K

1 John 4:7

Let us love one another for love comes from God.

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