Christmas Lists

What's on your Christmas list?

The song “Grown Up Christmas List” became a favorite of mine when I was in my 20s. I could feel the meaning of that song in the depth of my soul and I knew that I was (a bit more) grown up every time I heard it. 


I don’t listen to it often during the Christmas season. In fact I haven’t heard it at all yet this year. It tugs on the heart strings too much if over exposed.


Just thinking of it makes me ponder what would be on my Christmas list this year other than a hot tub, trip to the coast of France, and to lose 20 pounds. Other than all the things listed in the song, I’d probably add the following:


  • That my kids have new things to worry about when they are my age. I’m grounded enough to know that they’ll still worry but if we’ve moved past my worries, then we would be making forward movement. And I would rejoice in that.
  • That religion isn’t something you argue over but something you practice because you see the evidence that it transforms people and the world
  • That we didn’t manage illness; we managed health
  • That kindness could become the default and not something one needed to inspire or challenge people to do
  • That we could break the 4th dimension. It would mean we’ve made major advances in science and world travel would be so much easier.
  • That the mention of science and religion in a post, sermon, or teaching didn't cause people's brains to short circuit.
  • That my dog snuggled with me as much as she snuggles with my husband. She's a traitor sometimes.
  • That the "peace that passes all understanding" becomes a permanent state. For everyone.
  • That we could agree on what the injustices are in the world and work on fixing them.
  • That people realized how hard fixing injustices really is but decided it was worth the hard work.
  • That we didn't elevate convenience and easy when the world has so much that is inconvenient and hard that is worth giving attention to.
  • That we didn't confuse simple with sparse or easy.
  • That laughter was a part of everyone's daily life.
  • That we could experience Revelation 21 ASAP

I’m not sure these would be as poignant as lyrics but its still a good list. A good start. And a list worth revisiting so that we may aspire to it.

Whatever is on your grown up Christmas list, I hope the thought of it brings you joy!

Dr. K

P.S. - The photo is of my daughter from a time long, long ago taken by my first step mom who I'm sure is celebrating in heaven this Christmas at how wonderful her kids have turned out.


What are your thoughts?