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Experiential Traveling.

I seem to be making up for all of the lost 2020 travel I missed. I head out for New York City this week with a few other clergy colleagues for some immersive continuing education.

We had originally planned to go to Croatia.

Our group is named "Parts Unknown"...named because we want to embody the spirit of the TV series starring Anthony Bordain. We want to immerse ourselves in local culture to see the beauty of people where they are and see how God is working among them. Too often clergy have brought a preconceived idea of how to spread the gospel that ends up dictating doctrine instead of uncovering the work of the Holy Spirit.

Croatia was an unknown city to all of us. We were excited to uncover what God would do on that trip.

You know what happened.


A Pandemic was certainly unknown to any of us. We've been discerning what's next for two years now.

While we would've loved to go to Croatia, the planning needed to happen before we knew if that would be safe or not.

So instead of going to a place that was new for all of us, we decided to go to a place that we knew but to see it in a new way. We wanted to find out why people risked their lives to come to America (an unknown place) and uncover the many different changes, pivots, and transformations the city and its people have undergone in the past few centuries.

We are excited, but we are also tired. It is our hope to take some time to rest, have fun, and search our souls for what's next...even if it is something we could never imagine on our own.

If you're the praying type, please pray for safety and insight. May this time be good for our souls and for the kingdom!



Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

P.S. - Here's is a post with a video from one of the members of our group. It was posted during the early 2020 shut down. It is still appropriate.





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