Trust. The. Process.

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When do I trust the process?

Is it only when I have confidence in my work? Does failure cause mistrust in the process?

If I see the process as fixed, meaning the process is supposed to move me toward a fixed set of outcomes, then the process doesn’t allow for growth.

But if I see the process as fluid, meaning the process itself is the goal, then no matter what the outcome, I’ve learned something.

Too often we get to the end of a project, event, or task and feel frustrated, let down, or the sting of failure and we ignore the learning that has happened. We begin to lose trust in the process and begin to paralyze our thoughts and actions within the realm of this particular genre, category, or vocation. 

We are our own barrier to success. Our definitions of it create boundaries that limit the creative process and stifle our capacity to see the growth when we miss the mark. 

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