Exhaustion: Be kind to yourself

Checking in...how is your soul?


If we know where we are going by foot or by car, there are usually only a few ways to get there. Most are predictable. You’ll see the same sights. It will take around the same amount of time. Occasionally there will be an accident or a tree has fallen on the path and you’ll be slowed down. But not much else changes.


If we know where we are going by water, the path is a bit different each time. Not only do we have to look out for other boats, we have to be attentive to current and storms.

The reality is that each time we go somewhere the journey is never the same but in many cases the journey is so similar we can go on auto-pilot. We can do it in our sleep. It’s easy.

When a global crisis hits, the journey is different each time. Sometimes vastly different. And in our case deathly different. Pandemic fog is real. Things that used to seem easy, now seem hard. Dangerous. Risky.

This video with Rev. Matthew Nelson uses this idea of trying to shut out the distractions in your life to be able to focus. We dig deeper into why we are exhausted and how to thrive through spiritual disciplines.

What are your thoughts?