Chaos and Order

Can humans exist in a world without chaos?


I recently read an article stating that even in a perfect setting like the Garden of Eden, chaos will always find its way in and tempt us out of it.


It seems like we thrive on chaos. It sells. We love to watch for it, read about it and often create it. It’s easy to create chaos. Drop an insult. Play devils advocate in the true sense of the term.

Order is much harder. It takes much longer. It feels really good and right once it’s achieved but it also takes maintenance or tending to. Much like a garden.

Right now it feels as if we are living in more chaos than we had before. It feels like we have no control over our lives. But we do. There are things that we can order to tend to our own garden and create a bit of paradise in our section of the world. By tending to our health and souls we order our lives and we give others permission and inspiration to do the same.

Until Everyone Hears...

What are your thoughts?