Praying Near Living Water

Places to pray

Spiritual Health and Living Water

The Hebrew words for “living water” in the Bible are maxim chayim. They can refer to both water and scripture. Both come from God and both are needed for physical and spiritual health.
I’ve been very disciplined recently in seeking out both time and places in my day where I can pray and just be with God. After meeting with a spiritual advisor and trusted friend, she asked me when I had heard God’s voice most clearly and the answer was fairly  quick…near water. 

A Place to Pray

So I’ve spend the past 30 days seeking out different places with water where I could pray. This one shown above is a creek near my house. I’ve stopped at.a lake nearby, a fountain, and another lake I had to drive to. I found that my time was more meaningful when I was around “living water.” Living water is water that moves. If it doesn’t move it is more likely to grow things in it that aren’t good for drinking. I’m not sure if it is the sound of the water hitting the rocks or the sight of the white as the water washes over the rocks but these spaces were the most peaceful for me.
As I watched the water it struck me that if there weren’t dips and breaks in the water then I wouldn’t hear the babble of the water or see the whiteness created by the rocks. Sometimes life is like that. We have dips and unexpected obstacles that seem to be in the way. But when we learn from them and view them in the full spectrum of our lives, it really is quite beautiful. 
May your days be filled with the peace that passes understanding and may you always see obstacles in a Godly perspective.
Until Everyone Hears.

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