God who creates

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Names of God

There is a chapel in Atlanta that is centered around the “names of God.”  Yahweh, El Shaddai, Elyon etc, One of the names of God is Elohim which in Hebrew means “God who creates.” This is the name of God used in one of the Genesis stories of creation. Our God creates. He created us. He created everything. And because He created us in His image, we also create.
God commands us to “be fruitful and multiply.” This command has a twofold meaning. The obvious is that we are to produce offspring.  But creation goes beyond the ability to ensure the propagation of our species. We are also called to be fruitful. The work we do should be productive but also beautiful. Creation is beautiful. And we have a role and responsibility to do likewise.

This chapel is beautiful. Someone took great care to make it a place that focused on God but also visually spoke to our souls. May we do our work today paying attention to what makes it beautiful. After all, it is what we were created to do and to be.
Until Everyone Hears,
God, prayer chapel, spirituality, faith

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