Dottie – a Holy MIschief Maker

Dottie is 29+ years young and from the moment I first met her I knew she was a Holy Mischief Maker. Our first conversation was in my office and the topic was regarding a book on my shelf about how to talk to your teenager about sex. Dottie is unafraid to share her thoughts and I love her for it.

Recently she’s been coming into my office to give me a hug but also to pray. Her heart is breaking. She’s strong most of the time but she also knows there are places and spaces where she can be raw and real. My office is one of those places. Dottie’s grandson Noah is fighting cancer. We pray for him a lot. I pray for Dottie and her family a lot.

A few days ago Dottie got to spend time with Noah because his mom was out of town. I’m not sure Dottie really needed to be there but I get the feeling both her and Noah enjoyed it. She was very excited when she told me she watched Dawn of the Dead. “They had chainsaws cutting people up and blood spewing everywhere. I kinda liked it.” Dottie engaged in Holy Mischief. She made a memory with her grandson doing something that most Nana’s won’t do. Way to go Dottie – you’re my shero.

Be like Dottie…
Until Everyone Hears,

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