Toxicity and Determinism

There’s a fine line between warning someone of something and living in determinism. Telling someone that there’s a possibility of bad news allows them time to think through their plan of action. They can start to process their emotions separate from the shock of surprise.

Reminding someone repeatedly of the possibility of bad news puts them in a state of determinism. At a certain threshold they begin to mentally live in the state in which the bad news is true. At that point it seems as if there’s nothing they can do to stop the oncoming doom.

I hit a threshold yesterday. And I pushed back. I refuse to live in a state of determinism. I believe in free will too much to let go of the hope and grace of God.

But pushing back might have repercussions. Refusing to absorb toxicity doesn’t remove the toxins. It just keeps it away from you. I’m not sure what will happen next but I do know this: Nothing can separate me from the love of God. And that is always good news.

Until Everyone Hears, 

What are your thoughts?