Leadership with a Growth Mindset

When disciples have a growth mindset, they understand that leadership can be developed. Leaders with this mindset will focus on improvement and transformation instead of worrying about checking off their todo list. They work hard to learn more and reach more people. Based on years of research by Stanford University’s Education Department, we know that people who learn this mindset show greater motivation and unlock their potential.

I used to think that one day I’d become a leader. I felt like it was a linear progression in my career path. But unlocking the discovery of a growth mindset, made me realize that my potential for greater intelligence, leadership skills, and holistic improvement was within my own ability to cultivate. 

Think about your house plants. You may feel as if you either have a green thumb or that anything green that crosses your doorway will wither instantaneously. Yet with a bit of repotting, pruning, fertilizer, watering, sunshine, and seasonal placements most plants with thrive and grow.

Your leadership abilities are the same way. In the right location and with the right fuel and nurturing, your ability to create a synergistic environment can thrive and grow.  Never doubt that Ina world of constant change that you cannot change as well. Stretch yourself to learn something new. Love challenges that cause your to grow. Cultivate your resilience in the face of setbacks and you will see your efforts pay off!

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