Loving our Neighbors

Romans 13:10
Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.

When I started in ministry one of the first things I did was take CPR and first aid. Not a Bible class. Not a preaching class. But CPR and first aid. I was scared that someone would need my help physically and I would be standing around praying for them.
My Bible and preaching classes came later, but immediately I began helping people with their physical needs. 
Thankfully I’ve never had to give anyone CPR but I have had to give someone the heimlich, remove splinters, stop bleeding, and take someone to the hospital. 
I’ve also fed people who are hungry, made sure they had clothes, and tried to find people shelter for the night.
First aid goes beyond bandaids. And love goes beyond prayer.
When we radically love our neighbor, we sometimes get dirty. We sometimes let our guard down. We sometimes go against our thoughts and go with our heart.
Love fulfills the law because God first loved us. So reach out and spread that love today. You don’t have to go far. Everyone has a need or a dream. May your first aid be helping to meet those needs or make their dream possible.

What are your thoughts?