Operation Birthday: Days 12 and 13

Mission: make a viral video.

This was a two day mission.  One was making the video.  The other was for editing.  I’m not sure if this video will actually go “viral” or not but it is definitely cute enough to do so.  
Our youth group went to visit two of the “Recycled Kids” from our church.  Lamar Wallace was one of them.  Lamar is over 100.  But for some reason he can get jiggy with it like he’s 29.  We asked if we could dance with him and he was all for it!
The result is our valentine greeting for the world.  God loved the world so much He gave us His only son.  We love the world so much we give you Lamar and The Cupid Shuffle and if it makes you laugh we’ll tell you about God and His son too.
Share it if you can.  I’ll let you decide what “it” is.
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?