You’re pretty funny for an old lady…

I enjoy going on car rides with the youth group.  When they are in your car three possible things can happen: 
  1. They can totally ignore you and you get some peace and quiet for a bit.
  2. They actually talk to you more than they would if you were sitting next to them waiting for church to start or
  3. They talk to each other and forget that you are there and reveal things that you didn’t know before.
This happens in families as well. It is one of the key times that you can actually get your point across as a parent.
I was excited to be able to drive some kids to our youth Christmas party. I had a eclectic group in the car and for the most part they made fun of my driving on the way to the party. But on the way home they were more at ease and relaxed. I’m not sure what we were discussing but apparently I made them laugh because from the back I hear (clearly I might add), “You’re pretty funny for an old lady!”
I almost wrecked the car right there. 
“What did you call me?!!??!??”
With no attempt to apologize or even back pedal, she repeated the remark.  I started to stew.  I almost got upset.  When I started youth ministry, I would often get mistaken for one of the kids!
Then when we got back I asked her, “How old do you think I am?” With immense joy I heard, “Oh I dunno, 36?”
A full three almost four years younger than I actually am.  I could have chosen to be upset that she considered me old (and that she considered 36 old) but I chose to focus on the fact that she guessed younger.
She may now be my favorite youth.
Youth may be admired for vigor, but gray hair gives prestige to old age.
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?