For Jews demand signs and Greeks desire wisdom… 1 Corinthians 1:22

There are two places near my home where there are signs for “No Jake Brake”. For years I passed these signs and wondered what they meant. When I finally found out I thought, “Hmm interesting but not something I need to worry about.” So I forgot about it.

Then my kids started to read and one day we passed one of these signs. They wanted to know what it meant and my answer was “Um… well… it has something to do with brakes… and trucks…?” I finally re-googled the term and was correct. Some semis have these types of brakes that are helpful when traversing hills or curves but they are quite loud so these signs are sometimes places near residential areas if semis regularly use that road.

I am no different than the Jews or Gentiles in Corinth. I want God to give me a sign and I feel that when I get a sign I will be wiser. But I often wonder if God is up there thinking, “I came from heaven to teach a message of love. I died on the cross for your salvation. I gave you the Bible for wisdom. What more of sign do you need? Get out there and love one another!”

I know that God is complicated and will always be more than I can understand but sometimes I really think that it really is just that easy. God gave us a sign a long time ago and we’ve just forgotten the meaning.

So get out there and love one another today. Easter should be all the sign we need.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?