I’m one of those people who likes to prepare for things. Not that I can’t do things on the spur of the moment but I’ve always agreed that the Holy Spirit always appreciates moving with the boundaries of my preparation and thus I often try to spend ample time preparing for an event.

Part of my problem is that often I prepare to get prepared. Right now I’m on Leave of Absence. Before I left I made a list of things to do to get ready for being on leave. A schedule of doctor’s appointments, house cleaning, people to visit etc. I’m supposed to be resting and following up with my doctor to fully recover from my surgery in the fall. I’m doing a pretty good job at it too. I’m eating well, discovering my limits, and getting in a good prayer walk everyday. My problem is that I keep thinking that I need to prepare for what’s next and I don’t know what that is.

Its a strange place to be. A free agent for God. Wanting to serve but needing to focus on the here and now.

But the great thing is that tomorrow starts the church season of Lent. Lent is all about preparation. Preparing to celebrate the Holiest of days in the Christian church. There’s always a lot for us to do to get ready. No matter who you are there is always something you can do to grow closer to God.

So in preparation for my preparation of Easter, I’ve decided to blog everyday. It will keep me in the here and now and help me to prepare for what’s next. Because even though I don’t know what’s next for me, I know that all of us can expect the love of God in our future and that love was most evident on Easter and it gives us a reason to celebrate.

On to prepare for the celebration…
Until Everyone Hears…

What are your thoughts?